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About Voltek Systems

Voltek Systems, by United Safety Incorporated was created out of a need for an increased level of safety in the heavy machinery industry-specifically to protect operators against contacting overhead power lines with their equipment. 


We are committed to the safety of everyone in the heavy equipment industry. Our business identity is derived from making sure that power line strikes become a thing of the past. United Safety Incorporated values sustainable growth in all aspects of our business-from quality control to interacting with everyone we come in contact with. Our mission is to provide a higher level of safety to everyone involved in the heavy equipment industry. 


All our products are designed and built in Northwest Montana, USA. Since we control everything directly, from engineering and programming to production, we are able to directly oversee all aspects of manufacturing. Quality control and bespoke modification is of utmost importance, therefore we do not outsource production or testing overseas. 

Our principles:


Our manufacturing is never outsourced outside the USA. We make our products in house and with our partners at S&K Technologies in Montana, USA. We place a high value in being able to have direct oversight over the manufacturing and testing process. Every system is tested for proper functionality. 


Our ultimate aim is to increase the level of safety in the heavy equipment industry–specifically when it comes to working around overhead power lines. We believe that through proper training, appropriate safety measures, and reliable safety equipment we can drastically reduce the injuries/deaths, downtime, and money lost due to accidental contact of power lines.


USI works diligently to bring you the most value we can. We will work with to provide training, possible insurance discounts for using power line warning systems, custom solutions, or anything else we can.

The importance of quality control

Due to the critical importance of safety products, we make sure that every product is designed to be rugged, dependable, long lasting, and built to the highest possible standards. As such we have direct oversight of our manufacturing process. Every product goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure proper function before it is delivered to you. We are committed to your safety.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our products. All Voltek Systems products come with a lifetime warranty

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