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Power Line Warning System

Our flagship system, the Voltek NS detects the presence of nearby overhead power lines by sensing the E-field produced by the power line. The Voltek NS simply and easily interacts with the equipment operator to avoid dangerous contact. The Voltek NS can be integrated with either the E-stop or hydraulic systems of your machinery to stop the movement of your equipment or shut it down entirely-if too close to a power line. The sensitivity of the Voltek NS is adjustable to accommodate practically and job-site or situation.

  • detects 50Hz (foreign) and 60Hz (domestic) overhead power lines greater than 2500V

  • intuitive user interface

  • backlit display

  • IP67 rated enclosure (dust and water proof)

  • operates on 12-24V 

  • adjustable sensitivity

  • 120db external alarm

  • uses a wire antenna running the length of your boom to detect power lines (lengths available from 15-200'-trim to desired length)

  • best suited for fixed boom/mast machinery (non-telescopic)

Overhead power lines produce an electric field (E-field). The strength of the E-field is largely dependent upon the voltage of the power line and the distance from the power line. The higher the voltage-the stronger and larger the E-field surrounding the line. The Voltek NS measures the relative strength of the E-field and translating that data into usable information for the operator.

 System Includes: 

Voltek NS
Wire Harness
(trim to length)
External Siren

 Example Installation: 

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Remote Control for Voltek NS

The Spotter gives you access to all the controls of the NS at your fingertips. Designed for certain applications where the NS is out of immediate reach (such as concrete pumps, remotely operated cranes, etc.) the Spotter will give you complete access to your power line warning system.

  • Remotely controls the Voltek NS (perfect for pump operators or other situations where access to the NS is not readily available)

  • Waterproof enclosure (IP68)

  • Backlit display

  • 500’+ transmission range

  • 12+ Hour run time between charges

  • WARNING button sounds alarm on the Voltek NS for any emergency situation

  • SHUTDOWN button activates the shutdown feature on the Voltek NS for any emergency situation

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The Dualtek offers power line detection but adds limit switch functionality to create auxiliary safety controls on your equipment. For hopper grate shutdown on concrete pumps to rotational movement on excavators and anything in between, the Dualtek provides full control of your equipment.

  • All the features of the Voltek NS Power line warning system plus limit switch integration

  • lets operator know when limit switch is acetivated

  • can be programmed to siren when limit switch is activated

  • Limit switch integration applications:

    • Concrete Pump hopper disable​

    • Boom control functions

    • Load limiting for side booms

  • works with up to three limit switches​

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Wireless Sensor for Voltek NS & Dualtek



The WS replaces the wire antenna used by the NS or Dualtek. The WS expands the capabilities of the NS and Dualtek providing endless options for almost any kind of equipment.

  • Can be used for spot detection or with linear wire antenna for increased detection range Works with up to seven other sensors for increased coverage

  • Compatible with either NS or Dualtek

  • 500’+ Transmission range (direct line of sight) 200+ Hours of operation between charges Solar panel supplements battery life Weatherproof enclosure

  • Magnetic mount for quick installation

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