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Keeping you and your equipment safe around power lines.




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Power Line Warning System

Keep your








safely away from overhead power lines.

Contact between overhead power lines and heavy equipment is dangerous, expensive and all too common. The Voltek NS will alert your equipment operators of the presence of nearby high voltage power lines and give them the ability to avoid contact and maintain a safe working distance.

Accidents happen-we are here to prevent them.

Even with properly trained and alert employees, accidents still happen. Voltek Systems products provide an added measure of safety–preventing your equipment from accidentally colliding with overhead power lines.

Always On.

Always Alert.TM

The Voltek NS Power Line Warning System does not get tired, become distracted, or fail to see overhead power lines. It is always looking out for you, even if you are working around power lines you are already aware of. It is always monitoring to make sure that you and your crew stay safe.

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Voltek Systems products work with you to prevent your equipment from coming in contact with overhead power lines. Our products work by providing intuitive audible and visual cues to alert you of the presence of nearby power lines. 

  • Detects overhead power lines (5000VAC and greater-50 & 60 HZ)

  • Adjustable sensitivity allows operator to set shutdown zone and compensate for almost any job site scenario

  • Easily installs on almost and kind of heavy equipment

  • Simple and intuitive display and controls insure easy operation without being distracting to operators

  • Durable construction ensures years of reliable service (IP67 rated)

Job site safety in three steps:


Deaths, injuries, & Damage

According to recent NIOSH and OSHA reports, over 200 deaths and 2,000+ injuries per year occur from machinery coming in contact with overhead power lines. These numbers do not include the many more accidents that occur where there are no injuries but equipment is damaged and near-miss situations.

1. Risk Assessment

Proper safety programs should require a risk assessment of every job site. Risks can include overhead/underground power lines, tipping hazards for heavy machinery, trip and fall hazards, etc. Taking the time to observe possible problems goes a long way in preventing accidents. 

2. Eliminate Human Error

Even with proper training and a good safety records, Humans make mistakes–whether through a lapse in judgement, not paying attention, cutting corners to save time and money or anything else. A good safety program recognizes and provides solutions for human error.

3. Provide PPE

Safety in the workplace is created when risks are accessed, unsafe behavior is eliminated, and proper safety gear is used. Preventative measures are an essential part to a proper safety program. Proper signage, PPE, safety meetings, etc. can go a long way in preventing accidents. Voltek Systems products, such as the Voltek NS, will make an important contribution to your safety program.

We are committed to your safety.

10% Off your first system

 Order before July 1st and receive 10% off your first system. We are committed to your safety-it's why we do what we do.

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