Keep your

safely away from overhead power lines.

Contact between overhead power lines and heavy equipment is dangerous, expensive and all too common. The Voltek NS will alert your equipment operators of the presence of nearby high voltage power lines and give them the ability to avoid contact and maintain a safe working distance.

Always On.

Always Alert.TM

The Voltek NS Power Line Warning System does not get tired, become distracted, or fail to see overhead power lines. It is always looking out for you, even if you are working around power lines you are already aware of. It is always monitoring to make sure that you and your crew stay safe.

Voltek Systems products work with you to prevent your equipment from coming in contact with overhead power lines. Our products work by providing intuitive audible and visual cues to alert you of the presence of nearby power lines. 

  • Detects overhead power lines (5000VAC and greater-50 & 60 HZ)

  • Adjustable sensitivity allows operator to set shutdown zone and compensate for almost any job site scenario

  • Easily installs on almost and kind of heavy equipment

  • Simple and intuitive display and controls insure easy operation without being distracting to operators

  • Durable construction ensures years of reliable service (IP67 rated)



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